OAF: Create a new OA Workspace & Project

Follow these steps to create a new OA Workspace and Project:


  • Determine the version of the Oracle EBS environment. (Example: R12.2.4) 
  • Determine the JDeveloper version to be used for the corresponding EBS environment using Note 416708.1

1. Create OA workspace

  • Right click on Applications > Select New OA Workspace
  • Enter the Name of the Workspace (Example: Demo.jws) 
  • Select the Checkbox "Add New OA Project" 
  • Click Ok

2.  Create OA Project

  • On clicking ok, in the prior step the OA Project wizard should launch
  • Enter the Name of the Project (Example: myDemo.jpr)
  • Provide a default package if required (Example: com.myDemo)
  • Provide a design time DB Connection 
    • Select the checkbox Use Repository for Design Time
    • Select the DB Connection from DropDown OR Click New to create a new DB connection
  • Provide Run Time Configuration
    • ** This step is optional at this time but you will need to do this if you want to run your pages locally in JDeveloper **
    • Enter the following for each of the fields:
      • DBC File - This file can be obtained from the FND_TOP of the EBS environment.
      • Username - Enter the oracle apps username (Example: operations)
      • Password - Enter the oracle apps password (Example: welcome)
      • Responsibility Key - The responsibility key within which you want to run the page. (Example: APPLICATION_DEVELOPER)
      • Application - The application within which the responsibility is defined (Example: FND)

Please share your feedback below. Hope you found this helpful!